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fall bass fishing

  • big bass in central Florida caught by In The Spread instructor Nick Kefalides

    2023, Fall Bass Fishing Strategies

    As autumn arrives, it's time to master fall bass fishing. Cooling water sparks hungry aggression in bass seeking to fatten up for winter. Read on to discover prime locations to find active bass, effective lure choices, and key seasonal tips to adapt your strategies for fall fishing success.

  • Fishing Boat Houses for Fall Bass

    2021, Fishing Boat Houses for Fall Bass

    Largemouth bass fishing around boat houses is best in the fall, when bass hide from the sun under shallow docks and property edges. To find fish, find boat houses with the correct depth and pick them apart. Bait fish move to shallow water to feed, and older wood on boat houses produces more natural habitat. Visually checking life under boat houses can reveal feeding bass.

  • Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    2021, Fall Muskie Fishing - Collins River with Dwayne Hickey

    Southern muskie fishing in the summer is challenging due to the lack of closed seasons and ice covered rivers. However, abstaining from fishing is short but crucial for species health. Fall offers excellent action with various lures, including top water and spinnerbaits. Swim baits are available in various sizes and colors for clear and stained river water.

  • Fall Bass Fishing - Crank Baits

    2021, Fall Bass Fishing - Crank Baits

    Fall bass fishing is more active, with fish more willing to chase and work crank baits around channel edges, creek beds, and thin grass. Matching hatch size is crucial for feeding. Bass follow bait to river channel edges, and running crank bait at a 45-degree angle can be a deadly presentation.

  • Fall Bass Fishing Tips - Mike Gerry

    2020, Fall Bass Fishing Tips - Mike Gerry

    Fall bass fishing is becoming more prevalent, with bait fish stacking up around river ledges and aggressive feeding from largemouth bass. Keep an eye on areas with grass, stems, and wood for ambushed bait. Largemouth bass are sensitive to weather changes, so using rattle baits or Zara spooks can be effective. Persistence is key, as largemouth bass can be grouped up during this time.