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  • Muskie Fish with Bass Crank Baits

    2020, Muskie - Fishing with Bass Crank Baits

    Cory Allen discusses the intersection of bass crank bait and musky crank bait, highlighting the differences in size and dive curves. Bass cranks are designed for fast down-and-reach, while musky lures dive on shallower planes. Allen highlights the versatility of bass cranks, such as Livingston Lures Howeller Deep, Strike King 10XD, 6th Sense Cloud 9 Series, and Berkley Dredger 25.5, and encourages anglers to explore their own unique fishing arsenal.

  • Fall Bass Fishing - Crank Baits

    2021, Fall Bass Fishing - Crank Baits

    Fall bass fishing is more active, with fish more willing to chase and work crank baits around channel edges, creek beds, and thin grass. Matching hatch size is crucial for feeding. Bass follow bait to river channel edges, and running crank bait at a 45-degree angle can be a deadly presentation.

  • Keys to Deep Crank Bait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

    2019, Keys to Deep Crank Bait Fishing for Largemouth Bass

    Deep cranking bass lures requires proper equipment, including rods, reels, electronics, a boat with a trolling motor (Spot Lock), and understanding angles. Proper setup with the right reel speed, length, and line size is crucial. Lowrance electronics and Minn-Kota's Spot Lock trolling motor are essential for successful deep cranking.