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  • Catfishing Blue Catfish Fall Transition

    2020, Blue Catfish - Fishing Techniques for Fall Transition

    Blue catfish behavior changes during the fall transition due to reduced light and cooling temperatures. Captain Scott Manning shares catfishing techniques, including structure, current, boat staging, baits, rigs, spread, and patience. Structural factors, current, and bait size are crucial for big catfish. Manning recommends using quality baits, rods, and rigs to increase knowledge and confidence during the fall transition.

  • Flathead Catfish caught by Seth Horne

    2021, Flathead Catfishing - Catch More Cats

    The musky and flathead catfish are highly effective ambush predators in freshwater systems, known for their coloration, stealthy abilities, speed, and viscous attack. They consume almost any other fish in their domain, making traditional stinky baits ineffective. Catching trophy flathead catfish requires pinpointing singular fish and finding good points of structure, which can be achieved through topographical charts, bottom scanning, and water fishing.

  • Catfishing Techniques - Jugs and Trot Lines

    2019, Catfishing Techniques - Jugs and Trot Lines

    Spring camping trips often involve catfishing using jugs, limb lines, and trot lines. Cats are abundant in the south, and setting up jugs, limb lines, and trot lines can be a great way to stock the freezer. Live bait, fresh cut bait, and limb lines are effective for flathead catfish.