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Florida Deep Water Bass Fishing Video Tutorial

Lakes for Florida bass fishing, for the most part, average less than 6 feet in depth. There may be deeper parts, but most of the largemouth bass fishing is of the shallow water variety. Deep water fishing is not something that most anglers associate with the state. It does exist in the form of old mines. Central Florida is a mosaic of mines and borrow pits. Many of these dig out areas are really deep and loaded with fish.

In The Spread and Nick Kefalides traveled to one such deep water mine in late October to share how to how to catch largemouth bass using your electronics to explore the structure of the mine, dial in what the fish are doing, where they are in the water column and what they are relating to. This mine was up to 60 feet deep in many areas.

What we found was that most of the bass were suspended on a thermocline in 20 to 30 feet of water. This is really a text book example of early fall suspending bass. A thermocline develops when a body of water stratifies. You will have warm less dense water sitting on top of cooler more dense. The layer in between is the thermocline. Oxygen levels are higher from the thermocline up, so your bass and bait fish will hold here. Fish this layer as your new bottom.

Fishing suspended bass can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Let the fish talk to you. What we do in this video is demonstrate how to break down a deep water mine to target Florida largemouth bass at depth, so you will be more confident about fishing this type of scenario. Ninja guide Nick Kefalides used a number of bass lures and rigs like Carolina rigs, crank baits, flutter spoons, lipless crank baits and Texas rigs to determine what presentation was going to trigger bites. Cover as much water as possible until you figure out what the fish are doing to determine what you need to be doing.

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