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Salinity Fishing Forecast

Most fishermen are not too concerned about the salinity of the waters they are fishing. As such, there is some debate about the utility of salinity charts. The satellite imagery can only reveal the salinity of a very narrow band of surface water. The water could be fresh on top and salty a few feet down. So why worry? For kingfish and tuna fishermen, there is some relevance, so understanding how to use this type of fishing forecast can be beneficial.

With the service Hilton's Realtime Navigator offers, you can obtain very accurate readings on how much freshwater or saltwater is in play. In the charts, salinity shows where you have ultra-fresh water (indicated by purple) and how it gradiates to very saline water (maroon). This imagery is mainly useful to the nearshore pelagic fishermen (king mackerel) as it shows where there is the right mixture of fresh/salt water.

Watch and learn how to improve your fishing by understanding the data Hilton's Realtime Navigator offers for salinity. This In The Spread video features Thomas Hilton demonstrating how to use the imagery to zero in on productive waters.

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