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Bass Fishing Techniques for Points and Ledges

Fishing an impoundment offers so many dynamic options. You have to imagine what the topography looked like before forty feet of water arrived. So much cover and structure exists for fish to inhabit. Throw in creeks and springs and the shipping channels that were created to move materials up and down the river and you have a lot of options. Remember, there is also current generated by the amount of water the TVA wants to push through the dam. So, you are fishing a lake and a river at the same time. Very good bass fishing awaits.

Alabama's Lake Guntersville is one of the top impoundments in the South and largemouth bass fishing haven. This legendary lake routinely yields quantity of very healthy bass. That is why In The Spread loves traveling there to fish with fishing Captain Mike Gerry. When you have such a mix of structure and current, you have options. Lots of options make for an excellent teaching venue. We can explore all sorts of bass fishing techniques and share them with you through our fishing videos. Mike has been fishing Lake Guntersville for decades. He knows the bottom topography, current flows, seasonal variances in bass behavior, along with how to make the right presentations. He makes it look simple and it really is. The key factor is knowing where the fish are and why they are there. There is a lot to learn from this savvy bass fishing guide.

This In The Spread bass fishing video focuses on how to target steep channel ledges and submerged points. If you are interested in learning how to systematically break down and fish a point and ledges, this bass fishing instructional video has what you need. Whenever you can learn more about how to fish for bass from a guide like Mike Gerry, you are in for a win. It doesn't matter if you are a weekend angler or a pro, this fishing video is sharing tournament level knowledge. The more you know, the more you catch.

Get a clear understanding of where largemouth bass will stage on a point based on current, water temperature, the position of the sun and more. Capt. Mike Gerry possesses a unique understanding of the species seasonal behaviors and an incredible variety of techniques for any given conditions. Mike is a master angler with a unique ability to talk about everything that is going on with his tackle, electronics, weather and light, as well as in the water all while fishing. He possesses the unique quality of being able to articulate exactly what he is doing and why. What was happening just prior to the bite? How was the boat positioned relative to the bite? What was Mike doing with his retrieval technique? These bass fishing tips and strategies are pure gold. Since he is fishing swim baits and swim jigs, you will learn how to fish for bass with these lures. See the bass fishing rigs Mike likes for his jigs and why they work so well this time of year. What colors work well in Lake Guntersville this time of year?

Take your time with this lengthy 105 minute presentation. There is a lot to take away and add to your quiver. We all have to keep learning, in order to stay productive. In The Spread is dedicated to bringing you the very best bass fishing tips, knowledge and intel, so you can be a smarter fisherman.

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Fish with Capt. Mike Gerry

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