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    In-Line or Wind-On Planer Fishing - Learn How to Run Them

    2022, In-Line or Wind-On Planer Fishing - Learn How to Run Them

    Planer fishing is a crucial technique for catching fish in the water column. It involves using a hydrofoil driven down by water pressure to position bait in the water column. This technique is effective for catching game fish like mackerel, wahoo, tuna, sailfish, grouper, snapper, and amberjack. Planer fishing is a standard on many successful charter fishing boats in South Florida, and once set up, it becomes easy to use.

  • Planer Fishing - Target Suspended Fish

    2021, Planer Fishing - Target Suspended Fish

    Planer fishing is a valuable method for catching suspended fish, which are influenced by environmental factors such as water temperature and availability of food. These fish species adjust their positions in the water column, relying on comfort and food. In summer, warmer surface waters push fish deeper, while lack of dissolved oxygen pushes them upward, creating a narrow comfort band for them to occupy.

  • image of a trolling planer

    2018, Planers Catch Fish

    Planer fishing is a revolutionary technique that allows anglers to troll baits and lures at varying water depths, targeting species like mackerel, wahoo, tuna, snapper, amberjacks, and sailfish. It requires finesse, understanding of the water, and a keen eye for detail. Two methods are in-line and bridled, with each having its own advantages. Miami Captain Chad Raney is a key figure in planer fishing, emphasizing the importance of finding the bait and fish at specific times.