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Snook Fishing in Coastal Rivers with Capt William Toney

Trailer for: Snook Fishing Coastal Rivers

The In The Spread Snook Fishing in Coastal Rivers video shares learned knowledge to improve your snook fishing skills. Florida is one of those places that holds a tremendous variety of habit for snook, thus making it a great proving ground for those looking to hone their skills for this species. As you may know, there is no trickier or more unpredictable inshore species than the snook. This is a cold sensitive ambush predator, so knowing the waters you are fishing and using proven tactics are critical.

To share with you how to target snook in spring feed rivers and tidal creeks, In The Spread brings you fourth generation fishing guide Capt. William Toney of Homosassa, Florida. William is considered one of west Florida's best. In this video, you get a lifetime of experience, as Capt. Toney goes into great detail about snook behavior, when to fish, baits and lures that work, moons and tides, rods and reels, tackle, rigs and so much more.

Fish with Capt. William Toney


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