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Rigging Daytime Swordfishing Baits with RJ Boyle

Trailer for: Rigging Daytime Swordfish Baits RJ Boyle

The In The Spread Rigging Daytime Swordfish Baits with RJ Boyle is a 3 hour high intensity learning tool for swordfish anglers. The last thing between you and that swordfish is your bait, so it better be right. Who better to learn about swordfish bait rigging than the angler who has perfected the art of targeting swordfish in the daytime on rod and reel, RJ Boyle.

In the video, RJ Boyle reveals 7 of the most productive baits and how to expertly rig each of them. Learn how to rig the ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, Panama bait, double hooked squid and the bonito belly.


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