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rigging ballyhoo in the spread fishing video

Trailer for: Rigging Ballyhoo

Once again, In The Spread brings you an in-depth demonstration on how to rig ballyhoo eight different ways. From the tools you need to rig, how to select primo baits, how to actually rig the baits to catch fish and then how to dress them up for the dance, In The Spread gives it all up.

Ballyhoo is the standard in most bait boxes around the world. Knowing how to rig ballyhoo the proper way is an art. The last thing between you and the fish is the bait, so it better be right. Do you really want to gamble with baits that are just ok? Or, do you want the best baits rigged the proven way?

Join RJ Boyle as he puts the screws to Mike Tarmey, so you will have the knowledge the pros have. As usual, nothing is held back. Get Tight!


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