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Saltwater Planer Fishing

The In The Spread Planer Fishing video shares with you a simple concept. Planers catch fish. If you are not fishing planers in near shore waters where there is reef or bottom structure, you are probably catching a lot less fish. You need to get baits down 30 feet, or so, to cooler waters where the fish are hanging out, especially in temperate areas. In deeper waters where you might find a floating tree or debris, many times wahoo and other pelagics hang out 30-60 feet down. If you are not putting baits down deeper, you are wasting your time.

Watch Capt. Mark Danley and RJ Boyle demonstrate in great detail how to fish planers like a pro. Learn about the tackle, planer sizes, baits, rigs, how to deploy the long and short planers, wiring fish, boat handling and more in this In the Spread video.


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