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Marlin Fishing Lures and Spread Fundamentals with David Brackmann

Trailer for: Marlin Lures and Trolling Spreads

David Brackmann goes In The Spread to share his knowledge and opinions on offshore trolling lures and how to properly manage a spread when fishing for marlin. David has fished for marlin all over the world at a very high level with great success, so he is a really good guy to learn from. If you want a deeper understanding of lure and spread dynamics, then this is the video for you.

On top of David sharing his thoughts on setting up and managing a spread for marlin fishing, he talks about hooks, hook rigs, skirts, selecting the ideal lure heads for different pattern positions, wave placement, how lures cycle, how marlin bite lures, plus loads more. If you are into marlin fishing, do not miss this opportunity to learn some super helpful pointers from world renowned David Brackmann.


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