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Mangrove Snapper Fishing

Join In The Spread for a sport fishing journey through the Nature Coast area of Florida's gulf coast. The waters here comprise one the states most dynamic fisheries. From Homosassa to Crystal River you have a unique feature in all the magnitude order springs pumping warm freshwater out into the Gulf. With temperatures staying in the 70 degree range throughout the cooler months, coastal rivers provide a comfortable nutrient rich habitat supplying a steady conveyor belt of food to a myriad of inshore species. One of the great inshore species to target is the mangrove snapper. This snapper fish makes for outstanding light tackle sport fishing. Being both plentiful and outstanding table fare, you can clean up on fall or winter days when you just don't want to venture out into the gulf waters. The coastal rivers of the Big Bend region holds some of the best mangrove snapper Florida fishing.

In The Spread Capt. William Toney, of Homosassa Inshore Fishing, knows more about Florida inshore fishing than most ever will. William is a fourth generation hunting and fishing guide. His fishing knowledge runs deep. The great thing is how willing he is to show you his methods for how to catch mangrove snapper in backcountry creeks and rivers. William has a real knack for making all of his techniques look really simple. Using the fishing knowledge he shares in this In The Spread snapper fishing video will have you catching fish in no time. Learn from one of the best.

Capt. Toney is going to show you the type of fishing rod and reel he prefers for this application and then demonstrate how to fish with live shrimp or fresh, various artificial lures, soft plastics and jigs. See how to rig live shrimp, without killing it, to achieve the most natural movement. His mangrove snapper rigs are pretty simple. You can easily use a jig head or add a split shot to a hook. See how he does it with step by step demonstrations.

William will explain what to look for when trying to locate fish in these coastal rivers. Strong current is a must. Choke points with bottom structure and channel edges are great starting points. You will learn expert tactics to target these areas with several types of mangrove snapper bait or artificial lures. On of the cool things William also shows you how to use bigger size lures to target bigger snapper.

Know the mangrove snapper limit in your State. If you are fishing in Florida, check with the FWC for size limits, bag limits and other fishing regulations.

Enjoy this instructional video from In The Spread and never stop learning. If you can, fish with Capt. William Toney to learn first hand from one of Florida's best fishermen.

Fish with Capt. William Toney


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