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Live Baiting Snook

Trailer for: Live Baiting Snook

The In The Spread Live Baiting Snook video highlights one of the coolest, and probably easiest, ways to target the species. And, if you wanted to learn how to target snook with live bait, there is probably nobody better qualified and more willing to share everything they know about snook than Capt. Brian Sanders. Watch as Brian shares his knowledge with RJ Boyle on live bait, tackle, rigs, tides, bait presentation, boat positioning, angling and so much more. In the Spread is lucky to have such an experienced fisherman sharing knowledge.

Capt. Brian Sanders has spent his entire life fishing the waters of Chokoloskee Island and the Everglades gaining decades of experience targeting a variety of species. Take advantage of his knowledge and desire to share everything he knows about live baiting for snook in this In the Spread feature film.


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