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Live Baiting Redfish

Trailer for: Live Baiting Redfish

The In The Spread Live Baiting Redfish video features inshore fishing ninja Capt. Brian Sanders, who has plenty of knowledge and experience to share with you. Watch and learn as Brian shares every component of how to successfully target redfish with live bait. It might sound simple, but one wrong ingredient can mean the difference between 1 or 2 fish and 10 or 20.

When properly used, live bait is deadly. Far more deadly than lures. Know the right baits, where the fish stack up based on tides, how to chum them with livies, the right tackle, bait rigging, bait presentation and boat positioning all play huge rolls. Learn all of this and more from an inshore fishing guru and achieve greater success on the water. Capt. Brian Sanders is here to help you.


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