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light tackle permit fishing in the spread video
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Light Tackle Permit Fishing

With the In The Spread Permit Fishing video, you will learn professional level tactics and techniques to catch world class fish from South Florida fishing expert Capt. Scott Fawcett. Wow! In this video, you will see novice inshore angler RJ Boyle give his 12-17lb. outfit all it can handle tangling with giant permit. Big permit can give even the best anglers a run for their money when using light weight gear. If you want to be a better fisherman, this is the video for you.

Learn all you need to know from one of the best. Capt. Scott Fawcett shares his secrets on the tackle, stalking techniques, boat handling, baits, the rig, casting to moving schools and much more in this action packed video. If you want to catch one of these life changing fish, check out Captain Scott Fawcett.


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