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High Speed Trolling for Wahoo

Trailer for: High Speed Wahoo Rigs and Trolling

Information is power and In The Spread is bringing you the goods in this HIGH SPEED WAHOO TROLLING instructional video. Catching wahoo seems pretty straightforward, but there is a science to knowing when, where and how to catch big wahoo on a regular basis.

Join, RJ Boyle and multiple time winners of the Bahamas Wahoo Championship, Cory Burlew, Rick Redeker and Shawn Olds as they discuss wahoo tactics, optimal tides, trolling speeds, secrets to rigging lures and a whole lot more, so you can take your wahoo fishing to the next level.

Watch and learn as these master wahoo fishermen reveal what propelled them to many big money wins while high speed trolling for wahoo.


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