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Giant Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Trailer for: Bluefin Tuna Fishing

This In The Spread Bluefin Tuna Fishing video takes you to Ballantyne’s Cove, Nova Scotia for a chance to learn about how to wrangle the toughest fish in the sea with Andy Moyes and RJ Boyle.

When fishing for giant bluefin tuna, you begin to reconsider whether you have really fought some tough fish? With giant bluefin tuna, prepare to have your arms stretched and your back strained because nothing pulls like the GIANT Bluefin. Trying to stop one of these behemoths is like trying to stop a run away dump truck with no brakes going downhill. Good luck!

You will see the custom rods, rigs, hooks and baits that are used by Andy and James Roberts. It’s all here and more…RJ Boyle asks the hard hitting questions and provides the answers on how to catch giant bluefin tuna.

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