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dredge fishing in the spread video glenn cameron

Trailer for: Dredge Fishing Fundamentals

In The Spread Dredge Fishing with Captain Glenn Cameron shares all the knowledge you need to use dredges and catch more fish. Join us as we dissect every component you need to successfully target billfish. Learn how Glenn turned the competition on it's head, as he won the Bahamas Billfish Championship utilizing dredges and light tackle.

Learn all the components, baits, positioning, operation, prospecting and every bit of tackle you need. That's right! It's all here. Oh, and we demonstrates how to rig dredge mullets.

When properly deployed, a dredge is a deadly billfish magnet. Made to resemble a bait school, the swimming action of the tightly arrayed mullet or ballyhoo is an impressive underwater spectacle. Learning the ins and outs of this style of fishing will, without a doubt, elevate your chances of catching more fish.


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