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Cubera Snapper Fishing with Bouncer Smith

The cubera snapper (Lutjanus cyanopterus) is a legendary reef bully with worldwide distribution in tropical waters. You can target these hogs anywhere you find natural reefs, artificial reefs, oil rigs or rocky bottom. How many bite offs blamed on sharks were really cuberas? A lot! This fierce predator presents several angling and tackle challenges.

One of the great sport fishing icons of South Florida also happens to have been apart of setting multiple cubera snapper world records. Miami fishing icon Capt. Bouncer Smith is the guy you want to learn the requisite trade skills for this type of snapper fishing from. He knows the reefs and wrecks that dot the topography better than most ever will.

How much drag you need at the bite and for the fight usually dictates your tackle setup. You need a little more for these snapper. We will break down the type of rod you need and the size reels required to deliver heavy drag. You will learn about the bait rig, what hooks to use, the ideal gaffs to deal with these toothy fish, harnesses and tools. We dive into the terminal tackle used to make the snapper rig and why it is imperative to use the right stuff.

The bait and bait rig are super serious. We are using live lobsters and 12/0 hooks. Within the limits of the law, mangrove snapper make excellent baits. Yellowtail have caught fish. A nice bonita trolled around the reef is a sure thing to get hammered. You will learn about all this.

For the angler, get ready. The subtleness and intensity of the bite takes a bit to get used to. The cubera will pick you clean in a split second. Once you get the bite rhythm down, you better buckle up. These incredibly strong fish will give you everything you can handle for a few minutes. Hang on and you win. It's kind of like bull riding.

Boat driving is very important in this game. The ability to put your bait where it needs to be is critical. Bouncer will discuss driving the boat over the structure and how to drop the bait. Power drifting your baits in and around the wreck or reef when there is current can be tricky. It does not have to be. In The Spread will show you how to deal with all of the finer points.

Enjoy the knowledge being shares in this In The Spread Cubera Snapper Fishing video and Never Stop Learning.


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