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cubera snapper fishing in the spread rj boyle

Trailer for: Cubera Snapper Fishing with Bouncer Smith

In this In The Spread Cubera Snapper Fishing video, learn how to target what are described as ”Mules” of the reef. These fish are tough as nails and catching them takes every bit of skill you possess, as an angler. Capt. Bouncer Smith has to be considered on of the best overall fishermen in the world and a cubera ninja. He has “World Records” to prove it. If you want to learn how to catch cubera snapper, Bouncer is who you want to learn from.

In this video, Bouncer Smith gives you the goods on how to catch cubera snapper with great success. Learn about fishing structure, bait that works and how to rig it, terminal tackle, rods and reels, fighting tactics, boat handling and so much more. If you ever get a chance, charter Capt. Bouncer Smith and learn from a one of the best of the best.


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