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Freshwater Striper Fishing Dams and Locks

Striped bass fishing in southeast Tennessee is world class and Capt. Todd Asher is here with In The Spread to share how he targets these fish in dam boils and locks. With over 20 years of experience targeting stripers, Todd still believes he has more to learn. His mind is wide open and always looking to learn something new about the species. It is with this spirit that he shares his tactics and techniques on fishing for striped bass in Tennessee. Todd is humble, quiet in his operation, yet deadly precise in putting anglers on big fish.

If you want to learn about the rods, reels, rigs, baits, boat handling, angling and thought processes that Todd Asher brings to the fishery, this is the instructional video for you. See how you can catch more and bigger striped bass today with In The Spread and Capt. Todd Asher.


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