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Southern Muskie Seminar Winter Fishing

Join In The Spread guides Cory Allen and Capt. Chad Bryson as they present principles and tactics for southern musky in this winter muskie fishing video. Winter is a wonderful time of year to target big muskies in the south, not just due to the fact they are at their most rotund, but also the very fact we are afforded the luxury to do so when other waters up north are locked up in ice and have a closed season to boot. There are a lot of different ways to go after wintertime musky and, quite honestly, it may be the best time of year to get the biggest fish of your life. This seminar format is a very stream of consciousness presentation where two seasoned anglers are given wide berth and a few beers to lay everything out on the table. So, watch to gain a new perspective on both gear and fly fishing for musky, both in their contrast and their correlations, with this dynamic presentation and related fishing tips.


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