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Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits with Cory Allen

Trailer for: Jigging Muskie with Spinner Baits Cory Allen

In The Spread with Cory Allen is showcasing how jigging spinner baits for muskie can be a super productive fishing technique. Muskie are known to suspend at various depths in the water column and not move for much that is above of below them. So, “Do Not” spend your day retrieving or trolling your lures past neutral fish with no results. Fish more of the water column by using vertical jigging techniques that muskie cannot resist.

Cory Allen brings an impressive tool box to the water, whenever he is hunting muskie. He will try a multitude of methods when the fish are not active, in order to score more bites. Cory is not shy about sharing his strategies and tactics. See how even he learned something new, in the making of this video. Learn how using spinner baits to trigger neutral fish will score you more hook-ups.


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