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Drag Drift and Anchor Fishing for Catfish with Capt Scott Manning

Trailer for: Drag Drift Anchor Fishing Catfish Scott Manning

This drag, drift and anchor fishing for catfish video from ITS Freshwater and In The Spread features Scott Manning sharing the techniques that made him a trophy catching guru. Whether it is more fish or that trophy catfish you have been angling for, the strategies and concepts presented by Scott will have you boating more cats.

With this video, you will learn about the conditions that determine where catfish dwell, baits and bait rigging, tactics for big catfish, how to read your fish finder, recognize a flathead bite vs. a blue cat bite, fishing with Demon Dragons and loads more. Do you specifically want to know more about heavy weight catfish, where to find them and why they hold where they do? Scott Manning delivers the information you need.


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