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Breaking Down Coves and Cuts for Muskie with Cory Allen

Trailer for: Muskie Fishing Lake Coves and Cuts with Cory Allen

In The Spread with Cory Allen brings you the Southern Reservoir Muskie Fishing Series video Breaking Down Coves and Cuts. Cory is a hard-core musky angler, writer, speaker and angling personality from Tennessee. His scientific approach and deep desire to teach affords an incredible opportunity to accelerate your musky fishing learning curve. Watch as Cory shares how to break down coves and cuts.

This ultra dynamic musky video scientifically breaks down the fish and the fishing in southern reservoirs. You will learn concepts related to the depth, speed, size and action of your presentation. You will also gain keen insights on where fish shelter and why, presenting lures to neutral and negative fish and how to trigger bites. Cory will help you not only select ideal spinning and conventional tackle, but also formulate a multilateral plan of action for your next musky trip.

The Southern Reservoir Muskie Fishing Series is a collection of working seminar style videos.


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