Spring Transition on Florida's Gulf Coast with William Toney

February 09, 2023
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Spring fishing is now a good time to explore rocks, bars, and humps, which attract game fish as the incoming tide covers them. Western-facing points are good for redfish. Pompano fishing with deeper cuts and shrimp bait is effective.

To be successful in the upcoming months of spring fishing now is the time to head out and do some field work. Late winter low tides will reveal rocks, bars and humps that during the summer months we run past in our vessels without a thought.

These areas are structure that game fish will gravitate to as the incoming tide covers them. Exposed rocks and bottom will warm with the sun and as the incoming tide moves in especially in the afternoon trout will move in and warm themselves on top of them. Western facing points are also good places to start on a incoming tide tide for redfish. The water is still cool on the Gulf and running on a plane will make you put on your jacket but as soon as you slow down to begin fishing the jacket will be laying on the deck.

I've had some luck with pompano fishing some deeper cuts and holes on the outside edge. A chartreuse jig head tipped with shrimp is the best bait. The nearshore rocks are still producing sheepshead with the full moon. Expect a few spanish mackerel to be around the rocks also and if your lucky some schooled up trout will be on high profile rocks with broken bottom. High incoming tide will be early morning this weekend.

Capt. William Toney


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Captain William Toney In The Spread, Instructor
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