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November 10, 2018
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Cory Allen suggests that the current "hot bait" trend is a waste of time and money. Instead, they recommend exploring versatile modular bait designs that can be easily altered with a simple weight addition. They also highlight the importance of not looking for the next "show bait" and the lack of integrity in imitations. Cory suggests checking out the entire line of baits, which have not failed to impress yet.


Stop trying to scope the next “hot bait”.

Most of these “hot baits” I’ve seen are nothing more than microwave meal versions of culinary masterpieces pushed by guys who don’t have the wherewithal to care about integrity or the fact they emulate other designs.

Do you want incredibly versatile modular bait designs in literally every category?

Do you want tools you can alter with a simple weight addition to suit a different task?

Then stop looking for the next “show bait” and some lame ass blurred out photos.

Unwarranted hype is dumb.

And here is a great example.

Every one of his designs I’ve used serve very unique purposes and somehow flew under he radar of most anglers, including myself.

Lesson learned.

Check out this entire line.

Not a single one of them has failed to impress yet.

In-depth reviews to follow.

Cory Allen

Head of Freshwater Development

Seth Horne In The Spread,
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