Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report: Capt. William Toney

June 09, 2020
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The author prefers incoming tides on the Big Bend for fishing due to extreme high water and the potential for redfish and snook to be out of reach. They position their vessels to intercept fish as they move into the interior of a key, which can be the most productive part of the incoming tide during summer. Offshore waters offer protection from rough seas and fast-moving tides.

June 9, 2020

On the Big Bend if we had to pick one tide to fish on, I know I would choose the incoming. There is a time when it can be to much water like this past weeks tropical system that put some extreme high water on the inshore coastline. As we push into our summer high tides especially around the full and new moons incoming tides can help redfish and snook get out of reach to anglers. The will move into the interior of a key for the safety and cooler water that the shade of a mangrove provides. I like to position my vessel so the moment that the tide turns I can intercept the fish as they make their way to the comfort of the key. It is a short window but can be the most productive part of the incoming tide during the summer. 

 On the offshore waters it could be the same scenario except high profile structure will hold snappers and groupers. It provides protection from rough seas and fast moving tides. Last weeks Cobia Big Fish Tournament will be held this weekend at Crumps Landing in Homosassa after being canceled last weekend because of weather. High incoming tide will be early morning this weekend.

Captain William Toney

Homosassa Inshore Fishing


Captain William Toney In The Spread, Instructor
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