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Sep 27, 2021

Florida Gulf Coast Fishing in October

Looking forward to the month of October on the Big Bend. The water temperatures are prime for almost every inshore and offshore fish that swims in the Gulf. By the end of the month we'll be eating stone crabs that we catch ourselves or buying them at a local fish house. Trout will be in our bays close to river and creek mouths. Using popping cork rigs will get the bite but top water plugs are a fun way to put some fish in the boat. The floating grass is generally gone so working a plug with a " walk the dog " action is easier. I like using my conventional reels for top water action but spinning reels work just as well. With a spinning outfit I like a medium action 7' rod because their more stiff and easier to set the hook. When a trout takes the plug they will usually catch themselves but when a redfish rolls up on it their mouths are down turn so it's best to feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook. when a snook hits it most the time it's a done deal because of their bucket size mouth. A good angler told me once to just shut your eyes and wait for the pull, but then I said it's watching the strike that makes it so fun.  

The inshore grouper bite is strong now. I've heard of reports that some anglers have ran out to far and had to run back in to catch some grouper. Not a bad problem, save some gas. Casting and trolling plugs are the best baits but if you have to a live pinfish works. The same inshore rocks also have plenty of mangrove snapper, grunts and a few flounder biting on live shrimp. Incoming tide will be mid morning this weekend.

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