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Apr 5, 2020

Fishing Videos Subscription from In The Spread

Do you thirst for more fishing knowledge? You could be into offshore fishing, inshore fishing or freshwater fishing. It does not matter your interest, a In The Spread fishing videos subscription opens up the door to super detailed information and learning. We work with captains, guides and anglers that have spent years on the water acquiring a depth of fisheries understanding that rises to a higher level.

At In The Spread, we seek out fishermen that spend countless hours thinking about the fishery they ply on a regular basis. Just because someone has been fishing for a long time does not mean they can be considered among the best. It all comes down to fishing intellect. Our focus is on working with people that are experts at targeting given species, not just folks that have been doing it for a long time. Young, old, man or woman, we only work with those that stand out. It could be tuna, swordfish, redfish, bass or musky and loads of species in between.

When you really understand what is going on in a fishery from a biological perspective and how prevailing structure orients game fish, you tend to catch more fish. Sure, you can go out wet a line and catch fish, but when conditions present greater challenges, those that are a bit more knowledgeable will continue to catch fish while others get blanked. Do you want to be one of those fishermen that routinely catches fish or one that seem to struggle a tad more? Take the time to learn from some of the best fishermen out there and elevate your game. Catch more fish consistently with know how.

Our videos are served on a subscription basis because we have spent time and money to build a broad based library of instructional videos. You may ask, why should I pay when there are loads of free videos? The answer comes down to how much is your time worth and far do you want to drill into a subject matter. Time is money as they say. You can spend hours searching for really good fishing videos that actually impart expert level information and come up wanting. On the other hand, you could go to the source and save yourself time and learn from experts. We try to do multiple videos on a given species, so you get more perspective.

The In The Spread fishing video library is the most in-depth and diverse out there. We are driven to learn and share what we learn with you. It has taken a lot of time of build up our platform and we continue to add more videos all the time.

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