Fine Tuning Lure Spreads for Marlin Hookups

October 12, 2018
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David Brackmann, a seasoned marlin fisherman, shares his expertise in lure selection, wash position, and overall spread management. In a video clip from our longer Marlin and Lures Spread, he demonstrates how to manipulate lures in the spread to maximize marlin hookups, showcasing his sharp skills and affability in the saltwater fishing industry.

David Brackmann has for many years been traveling the world fishing for marlin. In the process, he has developed an extremely sharp set of skills. His knowledge and affability affords David an real knack for sharing those skills. This video clip is from our longer Marlin and Lures Spread You will learn a lot watching David explain lure selection for various seas, where to position each lure in the wash, and how to manage the overall spread. Enjoy this short video of master marlin fisherman David Brackmann demonstrates how he manipulate lures in the spread, so they run in ways that maximize marlin hookups.

Seth Horne In The Spread,
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