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Dec 17, 2019

Booking Guides Made Easy with Captain Experiences

Rob spent weeks researching the best fishing guides for redfish in Rockport, TX. He read the blogs and online reviews and asked his network of fishing buddies.

He settled in on a guide, and after a weeklong bout of phone tag, he locked in a few dates. Rob’s son had never been saltwater fishing, and Rob was excited to show him what fishing for redfish is all about.

After a few hours on the water, it was obvious to Rob that their fishing guide wasn’t much of a guide at all. “I swear I knew more about redfish reading about ‘em in magazines than this guy” Rob said. “You just go ‘damn it man, I’m spending twelve hundred bucks on this.’”

When Rob and his son got in the car to start their six hour drive back to Dallas, Rob’s son couldn’t help but ask, “Dad- is it always like this? This kind of sucks.”

Like it or not, we all have similar stories. Some (like Rob) book incompetent guides, some end up booking walk-and-wade trips when the guide’s website shows a 26’ bay boat. Some end up much, much worse (#floridaman).

As Rob told me, “If there was a site I could trust, I’d use it over and over and over again”. is that site you can trust. Captain makes booking a fishing guide quick, easy, and safe. Instead of calling guides one-by-one, search for your ideal trip, read our 100% Verified Reviews, and book with our licensed and insured guides.

Whether it’s Galveston fishing charters for redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, fishing for tarpon, snook, and permit in the Florida keys, or fishing with the South’s Premier Musky Fishing Guide, has it all. And if we don’t have a guide that fits your search, reach out and we’ll do the work to provide you with itineraries with multiple quality options.

Here’s how it works: Search for your ideal trip based on location, number of people, price, target species, and more. Watch our YouTube-embedded videos featuring interviews with our guides, read 100% Verified Reviews from other anglers, and book on the spot without having to pay cash on the dock (besides a tip).

Once you book, you’ll receive a QR code (like a mobile boarding pass) via email. Your guide will take a picture of your QR code on the day of your trip, which will trigger a link for you to leave your guide a review. It’s that simple!

Captain’s streamlined QR code process ensures 100% Verified Reviews on the site: the only way you receive a link to leave a review is if your guide scanned your QR code. This “virtual handshake” means that every review on was left by someone who met their guide in person and actually took that trip.

Our goal is to create a fair and transparent way for anglers to book trips with #DamnGoodGuides. If you had a great trip, pay it forward to the community by leaving your guide a 100% Verified Review. If your trip left something to be desired, your constructive criticism will help your guide improve for the next angler. is proud to partner with In The Spread, and we look forward to keeping ITS readers up to speed on our #DamnGoodGuides!


Jonathan Newar

Founder – Captain Experiences

[email protected]

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