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Redfish Live Bait Tactics Fishing video with Captain William Toney from In The Spread Redfish fishing video with Capt. William Toney from In The Spread Top 5 Redfish Baits & Lures Fishing for redfish with live bait video with Brian Sanders from In The Spread

Redfish Live Bait Tactics

Casting for Summer Redfish

Top 5 Redfish Baits & Lures

Live Bait


Redfish Live Bait Tactics

If you want to learn more about fishing for redfish that receive significant pressure, watch this In The Spread video with Capt. William Toney. Sometimes you just need a little edge to hook pressured redfish and this is it. Learn a few handy secrets to catch more redfish. See what baits work, how to catch and rig them, how to fish a key, bait presentation, how to work the tides and more.


Capt. Toney knows redfish. He spends most of the year targeting them in the waters of Homosassa, Florida and knows a heck of a lot of tricks to catch them. See how you can accelerate your learning curve and leave the frustration behind. Just because the redfish in your area get loads of pressure does not mean they will not bite. Get ahead of the game.

Casting for Summer Redfish

As far as pure power, redfish are kings of the close in nearshore waters. Once hooked, they are bulldogs that will definitely give you a slugfest. Site casting to these brutes in skinny water is an absolute thrill. There is nothing like watching a redfish eat your bait before coming tight. On the West coast of Florida, redfish are on of the most sought after species where the abundance of tidal creeks, saltwater marshes, back country and keys provide ideal terrain for redfish to thrive in. Watch and learn as renowned Homosassa, Florida Capt. William Toney goes into great detail about site casting techniques, baits and bait rigging, lures, tackle, line, connections and the conditions you want when targeting redfish.

Redfish Baits & Lures

The Top 5 Redfish Baits and Lures video features Captain William Toney sharing the redfish baits and lures he finds most productive In The Spread.

Live Bait Redfish

Knowledge is experience! Redfish fishing ninja Capt. Brian Sanders has plenty of both to share with you. Watch and learn as Brian shares every component of how to successfully target redfish with live bait. It might sound simple, but one wrong ingredient can mean the difference between 1 or 2 fish and 10 or 20.


When properly used, live bait is deadly. Far more deadly than lures. Know the right baits, where the fish stack up based on tides, how to chum them with livies, the right tackle, bait rigging, bait presentation and boat positioning all play huge rolls. Learn all of this and more from an inshore fishing guru and achieve greater success on the water. Capt. Brian Sanders is here to help you.

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