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Dredge Fishing

When it comes to fishing with dredges, the more knowledge you have, the more dominant you will be. Join RJ Boyle as he goes In the Spread with dredge fishing guru Glenn Cameron. Watch as RJ dissects every component of how to successfully target billfish using dredges. Learn how Glenn turned the competition on it’s head, as he won the Bahamas Billfish Championship utilizing dredges and light tackle.


Types of dredges, baits, artificials, positioning the dredge, prospecting, every bit of tackle used. That’s right! It’s all here. Oh, and a special guest appearance by world famous Mike Tarmey, who demonstrates how to rig dredge mullets.


When properly deployed, a dredge is a deadly billfish magnet. Made to resemble a bait school, the swimming action of the tightly arrayed mullet or ballyhoo is an impressive underwater spectacle. Learning the ins and outs of dredge fishing will, without a doubt, elevate your chances of catching more fish.

Dredge Fishing Diagrams

Dredge Fishing - The Angling

Dredge Fishing Rigging Mullet

Dredge Fishing Rigging Ballyhoo

Dredge Fishing Tools and Tackle to Rig Dredge

Dredge Fishing the Art of Prospecting

Planer Fishing

This is simple. Planers catch fish. If you are not fishing planers in near shore waters where there is reef or bottom structure, you are probably catching a lot less fish. You need to get baits down 30 feet, or so, to cooler waters where the fish are hanging out, especially in temperate areas. In deeper waters where you might find a floating tree or debris, many times wahoo and other pelagics hang out 30-60 feet down. If you are not putting baits down deeper, you are wasting your time.


Watch Capt. Mark Danley and RJ Boyle demonstrate in great detail how to fish planers like a pro. Learn about the tackle, planer sizes, baits, rigs, how to deploy the long and short planers, wiring fish, boat handling and more in this In the Spread video.

Shallow Water Reef Fishing

In The Spread brings you Capt. William Toney sharing his knowledge on fishing rock piles, natural reefs, wrecks, ledges and spring holes for whatever fish are on them. At different times of the year, Gag grouper, grunts, Spanish mackerel, snapper, seabass, flounder, trout and more get on these reefs. Reef fishing is a great way to bend the pole, teach a young person how to fish or just put fish in the box.


Capt. Toney will talk about tackle, techniques, how to catch these fish, where to find them and what to look for when you are out there in your boat. Learn from one of the best.





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Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally
Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally