BIG Game Legends is a series of interviews with legendary captains and anglers who have fished the world in pursuit of the biggest fish. These fishermen, compelled to ply the waters of far flung destinations for bigger and bigger fish, have tested the limitations of endurance and equipment to catch really large fish. BIG Game Legends is the story of these big game anglers, of where and how their journey began, of pioneers who chased their dreams across the oceans and of anglers who still do, hoping for one specific fish to enter the spread.


These pioneering adventurers are the heart of Big Game Legends and the roots of an entire industry. It is their spirit and sacrifice that formed a culture and created a lifestyle. Big Game Legends is a testament to the desire that all anglers have, in one form or another, for that one fish.

Capt. James Roberts

Big Game Legends brings you a conversation with legendary captain James Roberts. From Funchal, Madeira James shares his thoughts and knowledge on big marlin fishing.

Capt. George Parker Part 1

Captain George Parker was one of Hawaii's original charter boat captains and a true legend of big game fishing in the islands. His 1002 lb blue marlin was the first grander caught in Hawaii, by IGFA standards. Capt. Parker was one of the early pioneers of lure development in Hawaii and his ingenuity in the field set the stage for a family legacy. We were so lucky to spend a day with this great man talking and laughing at his home in Kona. What  a passion! Thanks to his daughter Gale for helping make this interview happen.

Capt. George Parker Part 2

This is part 2 of our interview, for Big Game Legends, featuring Hawaiian skipper George Parker. Having paved the way for his sons, George left a lasting legacy to the sport fishing world. Enjoy!

Capt. Bark Garnsey Talks BIG Fish

Captain Bark Garnsey is without a doubt one of the all time best at targeting big blue marlin. He and the legendary angler Stewart Campbell spent all lot of time perfecting how to catch big fish on all types of tackle. Watch as he talks about fighting big fish.

Alfred Glassell

A discussion of big game legends is incomplete without mention of Alfred Glassell. There has been no greater sport fishing pioneer. Alfred Glassell was a diplomat and a patron of sport fishing, the likes of which we may never see again. Anyone who ever had the pleasure to sit with Mr. Glassell and talk fishing walked away a wealthier person. He was so willing to share his knowledge and stories. We cannot give enough thanks for the time we were blessed to share with Alfred Glassell. Watch and enjoy his passion!

Capt Marlin Parker Part 1

Capt. Marlin Parker, of Kona blue marlin fishing fame, shares with Big Game Legends his thoughts, knowledge and stories on growing up marlin fishing in Hawaii, heavy tackle and chasing granders. Marlin was inspired from a young age to craft and perfect the art of trolling lure design by his father, Henry Chee and other great Hawaiian fishermen.

Capt Marlin Parker Part 2

In part 2 of our  conversation with Marlin Parker, he shares his thoughts on the ocean, what fishing in Kona all the time is like, the current that brings big fish, catching granders and more. What a great guy and an excellent fishermen. Watch as he drops knowledge.

Mike Benitez

Mike Benitez grew up fishing in Puerto Rico and is by all accounts a big game legend. He spent his life fishing the world in search of giant marlin and was fortunate to always fish with and learn from some if the biggest names in sport fishing. From the time he started out as a mate, Mike Benitez understood the importance of sharing knowledge for his benefits and that of others. There was so much wisdom in this man. What a great person and a legendary fisherman. It was an honor to spend time with him in Madeira. Enjoy his passion.

Capt. Billy Harrison

Capt. Billy Harrison is a legend of Miami sport fishing. He grew up fishing with and for several of south Florida's biggest sport fishing legends and  benefited from working at an early age with a few big game fishing greatest pioneers. Just talking with Billy, you gain a wealth of fishing knowledge. Enjoy this conversation as he talks about the early days of fishing Miami, chasing bluefin tuna at Cat Cay, working on the "Reef" in the hay days and more.

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Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally
Dolphin, mackrel, marlin, wahoo, rooster, tuna, giant trevally